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sona lili|Introduction:

toki wawa li toki lu insa toki pona li lon ala. lipu ni li lon tan ni: ona o pona e ni: toki wawa li kama lon. ona o pona e ni: sina pali e toki wawa. mi lawa pi toki wawa i ala. lipu ni li toki wawa lu tawa mi. lipu ni o lili e sona lu lon ma Wesi. lipu ni li jo e sona pi jan pi mi ala
Toki wawa is a dialect of toki pona that does not exist yet. This page is here to hopefully facilitate its creation, to help y'all make it. I am not THE authority on toki wawa, this is just a reflection of my perspective on toki wawa and hopefully a distillation of what's discussed on the subreddit. I will be including discussion of suggestions which aren't mine.

toki wawa lu tan seme|Why toki wawa:

toki pona li pona taso ona o kama wawa. toki wawa li lu ante toki pona ala lu tawa mi. toki wawa li toki pona li mute lili. mi wile e ni: jan pi sona pi toki pona li ken easily kama sona e toki wawa li ken easily kama jo e nimi lu tan toki wawa
toki pona is great but in order to be more useable i think it could use more versatility so that it can be used to communicate more. I do not view toki wawa as a separate conlang, rather it's a minor extension on toki pona. I'm hoping that speakers of toki pona will be able to understand much of toki wawa and find it easy to make the switch or to borrow pieces.

toki wawa mi|My personal toki wawa:

mi toki e selo pi pini ala. toki ni li toki wawa lu lon lipu ni. toki wawa mi li ante lu tawa toki pona i lu tan ni: lu (preposition particle) en i (pini pi nimi mute) en san (3) en po (4) en nasin nanpa lu wan ala. ken mute la pakala li lon lu lon toki wawa mi lu tan ni: mi sona lili e toki pona e toki wawa
In order to test it out while it's still developing i will be speaking in a version of toki wawa. That is what the translated pieces of this page are in. This is a list of what proposed changes to toki pona i am currently using for that: lu (preposition particle), i (phrase ending particle), san (3), po (4), and seximal (base-6). My proficiency in toki pona (and by extension toki wawa) is limited and so there are likely to be errors in my toki wawa.

ijo pakala|Problems to be fixed:

preposition/adjective ambiguity
being/doing ambiguity
scientific names
"pi" li ken ala ken jo e "pi"|pi stacking

nasin toki ken|Proposed solutions/improvements:

lu (preposition particle)
i (pini pi nimi mute|phrase ending particle)
nasin nanpa lu wan ala|seximal
nimi lu lon seme|word order
li pali ala pali e "ona" e "ni" lu sama "mi" i lu sama "sina"?|expanding mi/sina exception to ona/ni

nimi sin ken|Potential new words:

antonym adjective
toki pi nimi sin lu lon ma Wesi|post discussing it

sona pona|Resources:

ma Wesi|subreddit
toki pona epansa (toki pona expansion) looked into a way to incorporate units
nimi ale pona 2nd edition
nimi ale lon ilo Nateko (a bot in ma pona pi toki pona) 2/23/21
toki ma's dictionary, from a different take on expanding toki pona
toki pata
toki poka
toki pona enhanced


linja mute li toki pi wawa mute
the origin of toki wawa|toki pi mama pi toki wawa

ijo pi mi ken lu lon lipu ni li ijo pi jan ale. taso ni li pona lu tawa mi: sina pali e ijo pona lu kepeken ona la o pali e ni: mi sona
Whatever i might hold a copyright claim to on this page, is instead released to the public domain. However i make a request: if you make something cool using it, please tell me.