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toki pona tends to use SVO or TSVO word order. It was suggested this be changed to VSO or TVSO in toki wawa.

My take:

This is already a feature of toki pona: en, li/o, and e mark that whatever comes after is the subject, predicate, or object respectively. This means you can unambiguously (though perhaps confusingly) mix up word order however you want. So no changes need to be made here in order to support that option. As for which word order should be used the most... i did some research and based on it it seems SVO might be used slightly more often globally than SOV (with VSO significantly less popular than either of those).


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ijo pi mi ken lu lon lipu ni li ijo pi jan ale. taso ni li pona lu tawa mi: sina pali e ijo pona lu kepeken ona la o pali e ni: mi sona
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