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sona lili|Introduction:

I think seximal is the best way to impove toki pona's number system (which does need to be able to support large numbers, as exemplified by the over 100 pages of pu and about 400 pages of ku). A more complete discussion on the topic can be found here.

nasin nanpa lu wan ala|Seximal Explained:

Seximal means base-6. More complete explanation of seximal can be found in jan Misali's video a better way to count. But, briefly: Replace the ten you're used to with six. The furthest right digit means that number multiplied by 1 (aka 6^0). The second furthest right digit means that number times 6 (aka 6^1)(written "10" in seximal), The third furthest right digit means that number times 36 (aka 6^2)(written "100" in seximal). And so on. Or put another way, each time you would have 6 in a digit, you instead add 1 to the digit on the left.

nanpa|The Numbers:

0 is "ala". 1 is "wan". 2 is "tu". 3 is "san". 4 is "po". 5 is "luka". So six is "wan ala". And ten is "wan po". In order to avoid ambiguity i like using lu to indicate that what follows is a number.

lipu ante|Links:

|marking the difference between adjective form and number form
toki nanpa|on numbers
toki lu lon ma Wesi|original post about making toki wawa seximal

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