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sona lili|Introduction:

wile pi nanpa pi pona mute la mi mute o pali e nanpa mute. nanpa mute lu nanpa tu li lu po.
In order to improve the number system we need more words for numbers. The second that needs to be added is one for 4.

toki pi nimi "po"|On po:

nimi "po" li nimi pi tenpo pini pu li nanpa lu po. ona li pona lu tawa mi. toki pi nimi sin ken ale li lon
po is a pre-pu word that means 4, seems a natural fit. Discussion of all the options can be found here

lipu ante|Links:

ona li pakala ala e ni|problem this solves
toki lu lon ma Wesi|original reddit post

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ijo pi mi ken lu lon lipu ni li ijo pi jan ale. taso ni li pona lu tawa mi: sina pali e ijo pona lu kepeken ona la o pali e ni: mi sona
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