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sona lili|Introduction:

nimi sin ni li toki e ni: nimi kama li nimi preposition lu sama nimi "li" lu tawa nimi pali i i lu sama nimi "pi" lu tawa nimi ante mute. ante ni la sina wile toki e ni: tomo ni li ken tawa la sina toki e "tomo tawa mi". ante ni la sine wile toki e ni: mi sona e ni: ijo ni li tomo la sina toki e "tomo lu tawa mi". ante ni la nimi ale li ken nimi preposition
In the same way that li marks the beginning of the predicate and pi marks the beginning of an adjective phrase and etc we can have a particle mark the beginning of a prepositional phrase. So you would say "tomo tawa mi" to mean "my car" and "tomo lu tawa mi" to mean "a house from my perspective". This would allow any word to become a preposition and it would allow a preposition to freely be used as an adjective without risking confusion.

preposition sin|New Prepositions:

nimi mute li preposition seme la mi sona ala taso nimi ni:
I'm uncertain what it would mean for most words to become prepositions, but for others:

"lu" lu tan seme|Why lu:

tenpo pini la toki pona la nimi "lu" li lon. ona li ike ala lu tawa mi
"lu" was already being used as a preposition particle by some people and i see no reason to change the word.

lipu ante|Links:

ona li pakala ala e ni|problem this solves
using pi instead (another option)
toki lu lon ma Wesi|original reddit post

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ijo pi mi ken lu lon lipu ni li ijo pi jan ale. taso ni li pona lu tawa mi: sina pali e ijo pona lu kepeken ona la o pali e ni: mi sona
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