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sona lili|Introduction:

toki pona la kama pi nimi mute li nimi "mi" li nimi "sina la nimi "li" li ken weka. jan toki e ni: toki wawa la nimi "ona" en nimi "ni" o kama sama.
in toki pona when the subject is just "mi" or "sina" you can leave out "li" and it'll just be assumed. It has been suggested that this exception be extended to "ona" and "ni" for toki wawa.

pilin mi|My take:

mi pilin ala. toki insa mi li ni: jan mute li pilin ike ala lu tawa ni: toki pona la sina li kepeken e nimi "ona" li kepeken ala e nimi "li"
I'm neutral on the idea. I would be surprised if someone complained about using "ona" in this way in toki pona.

lipu ante|Links:

toki lu lon ma Wesi|original post

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ijo pi mi ken lu lon lipu ni li ijo pi jan ale. taso ni li pona lu tawa mi: sina pali e ijo pona lu kepeken ona la o pali e ni: mi sona
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